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Columbiana, Ohio Recorders Office
Columbiana, Ohio Recorders Office


The practice of recording real estate documents is based on English Law, which traveled to the New World with early colonists. Public land registrars were appointed to develop a system of registration to prove and protect the rights of persons who made claims to property.

In 1787 the Northwest Territory was established, encompassing all lands north and west of the Ohio River. A recorder’s office was established in every county. Ohio became a state in 1803 and the first state legislature mandated that a recorder be appointed in every county.

Today the citizens of their respective counties directly elect every four years county recorders. Recorders maintain land records that are current, legible, and easily accessible. An important aspect of the recorder’s work is to index every document so it may be easily located. Accurate indexing makes it possible for persons searching land records to find the documents needed to establish a “chain of title” (history of ownership) and ensures that any debts or encumbrances against the property are evident. These valuable documents are utilized by the general public, attorneys, historians, genealogists, and land title examiners.

If you have any questions feel free to contact your County Recorder (330) 424-9517.